The Joy Of Traveling

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Lets say you live in a place you dont like or dont like weather and decide to move but you dont know where. Finding a new place to live is also traveling even though its just to the next city. Humans have done that since we got legs, moving around. Then its having the regular job, friends, the little bubble you can live in and its safe.

But with living on the road “the real travel” is so much better than just moving. Then its the money part of traveling, so many dont know where or how to start. This is where working or doing something online, like me now trying.

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Finding a way to really live in the World. Just living in a country is kinda boring (Not boring for everyone or maybe not tried yet), maybe its the reason we are bored. Traveling and living in the world, find new challange or just need something new is what traveling does for you. The amount of research and planning is huge, but then again you will never get bored.

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I used to play games all day when i live in my country, but on long travels even though just inside a new town in a new country i never even thought about playing any games.

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The life you get living simple and free on this planet, is hard but worth it. I enjoy traveling or more spesific living in a new country that i like more everytime i get the chance and will keep doing it. I have lived in Peru, Thailand and Norway where i was born. The point is that why just move to the next city, when with research and time you can move to a totally new exciting place that can cure sitting in a couch watching TV and being bored.

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