My Top 10 Bars in Chiang Mai, Thailand

There is alot of bars in Chiang mai and some are good and bad, but where to find the good ones? I can help you with that, since ive been in so many bars and after a while i found my regular ones.

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  1. Tip Top Bar
  2. 1 Way Bar
  3. My Bar
  4. Mae Pa Sri Resturant
  5. J & M Happy Bar
  6. Rush Bar
  7. Krustys Bar & Grill
  8. Oasis Rooftop Garden Bar
  9. King Kong`s Bar
  10. Winston Sports Bar

Tip Top Bar

Located in the south of the old city. A newly renovated bar with good pool table, cheapest prices and nice people and bartenders. Best bar in Chiang mai in my opinion. Can choose music easily aswell.

1 Way Bar

Located in the south within the old city. A quiet bar in a quiet street with regulars expats drinking there, got nice pool table and funny bartenders.

My Bar

Now this is a unique bar, its a reggie bar with a good atmosphere and having a good deal of history on the walls. Reggie style music.

Ma Pa Sri Resturant

Its a nice place to sit and relax on hot days with cheap prices on beer. And since its a resturant you dont need to find a place to eat as well. They have really good food too.

J & M Happy bar

If you just wanna relax with soft music and relax with a beer and maybe play pool, thats the place to go.

Rush Bar

This is a really good place if you wanna listen to live music. Having a big place in a crowed area, so there is always someone to meet.

Krustys Bar & Grill

A quiet place with lots of plants. its a bit far outside of the city center, but its worth the trip. Having a romantic atmosphere and with a pool table.

Oasis Rooftop Garden Bar

Its a Rooftop bar, if you like staring at everything from a high place. They also have most of the beer possible, also imported. The music is a bit repetitive, but overall its a nice atmosphere. Need to walk up those steps. Watch out going back down.

King Kong`s Bar

This is a bar for single men, its located with alot more of those bars and also have muay thai ring.

Winston Sports Bar

Perfect place if you wanna watch sports and drink beer, if not you can always play pool or dart with the bartenders, there is alot of them. Having a big bar with lots of regulars. There is also some events you can join there

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