How To Avoid Being Scammed in Thailand

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So you have read or heard so many scams in Thailand, yes it might be true, but it dont have to be you.

I have been in Thailand for almost 1 year in total and i have never been scammed.

I have rented jetski in Pattaya, big motorcycles in Chaing Mai, taking Tuk Tuks in bangkok for cheaper than taxis.

I have also seen people being scammed. When that happends i should not intervine that discussion because it will most likely be worse.

I thing i was prepared for was the prices when i first arrived to Thailand. I had done alot of research.

Using the Grab app (before its was Uber) to messure the cost of a grab and using that as a bargining chip for a taxi or a tuk tuk is really good.

Many drivers dont understand the meaning of competition and they just randomly waiting for a tourist that dont know the cost.

I like the tuk tuks, its a part of the culture and having them outrun by grab, is making the transport again more 1 sided.

So making more people aware of the cost and making taxis and tuk tuks compete against grab. After a while it might be a set price for all transport, hopefully. Having all drivers an equal chance for income.

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As for me renting a jetski in Pattaya safely was a bit more tricky. Luckily i got a local sosial network with people that lived in Pattaya. Having those people helping me around and even knew someone that rented out jetski`s made my experience really good and even cheap.

Again being prepared and doing ground work is a perfect strategy is not being scammed And it worked out for me.

One other thing that is good for getting normal prices is to speak some Thai related to doing a purchase of any kind, like “how much”, “numbers”, “too expensive” and such. There is alot of great apps for learning useful phrases.

It really helps by knowing some Thai when you buy items that has no pricetag. Comparing prices with other sellers that has the same products is also good if you have a tight budget.

And for renting motorbikes, its more or less reading the google maps reviews on that place, reading the lease contract carefully and also compare with other renting places.

Doing a test drive with motorbikes is really a good idea. Getting your bearing on how the bike is and the condition.

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