Day Two, Alone In Bangkok, Thailand

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As i woke up and realized that i was in an unknown place, not knowning where to go. I looked up on Google maps and tried to find a place i could go.

Bangkok. The city is so big that i spent hours on finding a go to place and i found a shopping center. I decided that was my plan for today, as i went down to the hotel lobby.

I asked the lobby to take me to Central World. They ordered me a taxi. I waited only a few minutes before the taxi came (There is no lacking taxis in Bangkok), i got into the taxi and the drove away from my hotel.

The futher away from the hotel, the more heartbeats i got, but i was focused on where to go and what to do. Shopping is a great way to get to know there area, better is you have a list on what to need. Even if you dont buy anything.

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I got to Central World and found a building as big as a small town. I guess thats why they have World in the name.

Looking around this place, i was in the center of the malls. That center area is quite big, like half a football field size entrance. Me being there in the low season, its was really empty.

I finally found a entrance to the big mall and i went inside. That place is really beautiful by itself.

I started walking around and found lots of expensive stores, brand names. I walked around on different levels and found some cheaper stores. Even the cheaper stores had beautiful set up with alots of space between racks of cloths. I felt like i was in the future.

I found some nice new cloths there, but there is only XL cloths and im a big guy. The shirts fit good, but waty harder to find pants that fit.

I picked out some shirts and tried to find where to pay and can tell you, that took a while. Eventually i found the cashier and stood in line. Not a long line since it was in the low season. I payed for my cloths and went out.

After a little while, i wanted to head back to the hotel and tried to find the exit. I was in that mall for a few hours and i forgot where i was coming from.

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I spent over an hour to find anything with a door leading to the outside. Maybe its was me being a bit nervous or it was really that hard to find any exit.

As i went out, walking so much i felt like i was doing a Cardio session, i was ready to head back.

Looking around me and found the main road and started walking. I got to the road and tried to get a taxi, that was harder than i thought.

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Taxi after taxi stopped and i tried to tell them where i wanted to go (this was before i knew uber was available). No Taxi knew that place i wanted to go and did not even try to use maps to find it or maybe they dident understand and decided to leave.

For a good while i thought i use my Gps to help them to be able to drive me there. That worked like a charm and i finally got back to my hotel.

That was my day gone, but i did learn alot on that day and i hope you found something useful in that too.

Thank you for reading.

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