How To Stop Being Bored

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Being bored might feel like a cycle that will never end. Can that change?

This is just my thought on the boredom and my opinions.

“I like the way I feel when I’ve got nothing to lose.”―Kris Kidd

First of all what makes you bored? Have you done everything possible in the world, the weather limit your choices, no money to do anything fun?

So lets say you sit at home staring at the wall or your phone thinking of what you can do, but that makes you live in the future of boredom. Its the present that counts.

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Ok, now im in the present, what now? It depends on what you have done before and what you like. But having to many hobbies can also make you bored, too many options makes things more boring and entering a state of boredom happens.

White what you can do without reading or looking on what you can do, just think. At this point, you are not bored. You have something to do, its a simple task, but it takes a while.

Maybe you have now added 5 things on the list and all seems boring. Its too many choices.

Take away the first choice, its maybe fun, but you done too much. Second choice its maybe something you tried and not done much, Skip that.

Now the third choice? Have you learned everything about that? Sometimes a fresh start and begin again to rememorize is good.

Rest of the list is pretty much just stuff added, so skip that.

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Add something you never would have thought of doing. Something that can benefit you and others and dont know anything about and start researching everything that you can learn from internet. This requires some dedication. But being positive enjoy the small things from it and you can do it.

Researching things on the web could be leading or misleading, so be clever.

Try some physical books, i know its heavy, not running on power and missing 4G service. Researching physical books is old, but adding more than researching, like focus. With focus on a book makes you forget the boredom

After you have done all the research on the new thing, is it more exiting than the third option? Even the first option? If so continue on the new thing.

Being less bored, gaining new skill and more happiness. Sounds good?

Its a technique i use myself, maybe it helps you too.

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