Day Two, Alone In Bangkok, Thailand

Photo by suzukii xingfu on As i woke up and realized that i was in an unknown place, not knowning where to go. I looked up on Google maps and tried to find a place i could go. Bangkok. The city is so big that i spent hours on finding a go to place [...]

How to travel and live cheap in Norway?

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world and visiting it is not a budget anyone can do. Photo by Xue Guangjian on Best way to visit, but not for a long time is by living in a tent and buying fast food unless you have access to a kitchen or [...]

Renting A Scooter or Motorcycle In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo by MARK ELLIOTT on So if you find yourself in Chiang Mai or planning to go there, here is my few tips on renting something to drive with. Finding a place to rent If you want to rent a scooter its easy, they are everywhere but some can be a really good place [...]

The Joy Of Traveling

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Lets say you live in a place you dont like or dont like weather and decide to move but you dont know where. Finding a new place to live is also traveling even though its just to the next city. Humans have done that since we got legs, moving [...]

Tips for long stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai I have been living in Chiang Mai 6 months and i can tell you its a wonderful place. In Chiang Mai you have everything from dense small city with jungle, waterfall and mountains next by, also small villages like on the picture called Hmong Village. Here is a list of my tips while [...]