Tips for long stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai

I have been living in Chiang Mai 6 months and i can tell you its a wonderful place. In Chiang Mai you have everything from dense small city with jungle, waterfall and mountains next by, also small villages like on the picture called Hmong Village.

Here is a list of my tips while staying there for a long time:

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Best place i found appartments/condo/monthly rooms is on The site is in Thai, but if you use chrome for translation its not a problem. The prize range for a place to stay is between 2500 to alot of Baht plus utilities which is a fair price.

The deposit is 1 month. It was a new law that they can only charge you 1 month deposit which is really neat. Some try you charge you more than 1 month and you can tell them the law or move on.

Utilities for water is around 200 baht a month and electricity is between 5 to 10 baht per unit. Unit is per kilowatt or 1000 liter of water

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Ok, so renting a scooter a month cost less than 3000 Baht in most places, but if you dont wanna drive there is Grab, Red trucks or the famous Tuk Tuks. Those red trucks cost 30 Baht within the city, but outside a little bit more. I tried out using only Grab to get everywhere and i used 15000 Baht a month, too expensive for my taste. The red trucks you would spend somewhere 5000 Baht per month, unless you dont go anywhere or walk. Its also easy to walk everywhere within or close to the city, its not a big place. I used 40 minutes to walk from 1 side of the city to the other side. Read more about renting a scooter

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Shopping and Bars:

The Eastside of the city is made for tourists that just wanna buy things and go home, but for long term that will be expensive. The north and south of the city is more local and local price.

Wanna know some good bars? My top bars in Chiang mai

The Westside of the city:

That is the place perfect for hotels, buying condo, digital nomad and massages, but its more expensive yet again.

Here i covered the main tips for Chiang mai within the city. Going to add more in depth about best places and guides

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