The World of Smartphone

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If you are like me, looking on your smartphone 40 times a day, maybe even more. I dont use most social media and i still use my phone to do most of my tasks. I use my phone for, like most, having a google brain that know everything, clock, games, youtube, netflix, music and so on and on.

Is it bad or good that we have been so integrated into the smartphone?

We mostly sleep with the phone, never leave it anyone. If it fall into the sea, its like a tidal wave coming and our world is gone. There is soo much data on our phones that losing it makes sense.

Our world is gone when the phones is gone. Even though we have backup probaly.

I have been into the Amazon jungle where no smartphones can survive or have any internet. It felt weird by having no form of digital communication, no pictures, nothing, but i felt free and bored at the same time.

Are we addicted to our smartphones or we are our smartphones as one, makes us complete.

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So what next in our technology future? Will we power our phones with our heatbeat which is driven by a micro reactor?

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