Curing My Online Gaming Addiction

Photo by Soumil Kumar on

I have been Addicted in gaming for a long time. I used to play MMORPG games for 5 years. My day was waking up, boot up my gaming rig and set there and live in a world different than mine.

When i was finished playing it was night and time to sleep again, ofcourse i did eat, drink water, soda, juice and bathroom breaks.

My sosial life was inside that game day in and day out for 5 years.

When i got my first passport i had money to travel because of i had income by failing school, just because of online games.

I was going to my aunts place and have a chat while i was going somewhere in the world. I randomly ended up with a destination to Nice in France.

I booked my 1-way flight to Nice. Was there for a week with no games to play, just relaxing there at the beach and walking around all the time watching the life over there.

Then it was time to head back home. And surprisingly it cured my gaming addiction. It was truly amazing and i started to see the place i lived in real life by not being there. It was changed, because i didnt live in it, just existing. I did feel the loss of 5 years was gone, but i felt more alive. Thats where i knew i needed traveling to fulfill my life.

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