Moving To A New Country

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I Been planning to move to a new country for a long time and its not an easy task.

I have done so much research about this topic and im starting to get my bearing on how to do this. The most challenging is to find a country you wanna move to and what city. Even that task is not a small one.

Since im from within Europa, the easiest is to move within it and i like hot weather so the south is a factor. Spain is a really good option for me. I tried Portugal for 3 months and found out it was not for me.

I like Thailand alot, but moving there is alot work and time, very diffecult to meet their requirements, but not impossible. I have list of countries i could move to and Thailand is probaly on my 8th.

Reason i wanna give Spain a try is because i speak spanish, but not so good at it since i never practiced it alot.

I been to spanish school in Peru to learn spainsh many years ago with only 3 months staying there, dont get much practice with that.

So i travel around to find a place i can call a new home.

My list of countries i would like to live in:

  • Philippines: Islands beach life, cheap, nice people, warm weather, easy immigration
  • Spain: easy to move, warm weather, ok cost of living
  • Canada: english speaking, well developed, slightly warmer than norway
  • China: yet to explore
  • Portugal: Gave it a try, to cold for me, felt loneliness all the time
  • Italy: yet to explore
  • Vietnam: Simple life style, easy way of living, cheap, warm
  • Thailand: Cheap, social life, easy life, warm, many possibilites, friendly people.
  • Japan: Warm and cold, respectful people, cultures, high developed country, not so cheap

This is just my thoughts of each country with what i read and looked at. Traveling there could change that ofcouse, but thats the experience part of going there. For Portugal everything was learn on the go and experience first hand on how it was like. That in my opinion is the best way to find out if you wanna move there.

Any thoughts?

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