First Time And Day One, Alone In Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok, Thailand

I got a chance to travel anywhere for a few months, so i didnt know where to go. I was constantly checking flights on where it was cheapest to travel and i also wanted to go somewhere that was cheap to live.

So i settled on going to Bangkok. Because the flight was really cheap at that time, so i booked it, i was really nervous about what im going to do. Since im traveling alone and going in to a country that is really unknown to me.

At that point i needed to find out things about Thailand and Asia in general about the way they life. I was scavanging the internet work everything about Thailand for days. Did i need to do that or was it important to do so?

Last time i was traveling anywhere was 8 years ago, so i had to find my passport. I was searching for a while and it was nowhere to be found. Less than 5 days to the flight will take off, i had to get a new passport. 4 days went by and no passport, i had to reschedule my fight to the next week plus lost my hotel booking.

The day i was supposed to travel my passport arrvied into my mail (Norway send the most valueble book in a traceless mail) and i had to wait for another week to be nervous

The day has come. I woke up and intantly had to prepare to get going to the airport. Being scared and excited at the same time, i went to the train station to make my way to the airport. That was the shortest trainride i been on, its taking about 1 hour to get there, but me thinking soo much and entering in a state (like daydreaming) made that trip really short.

At the airport i just went in straight away, it was january and the winter was really cold. I had alot of time to prepare currency and other things before the flight, which was good.

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So now was the time to get on the plane, so i went to my gate (not so sober) and waited in line. I had a few drinks to help me relax more. I finally got into the plane, put my backpack into the overhead box and sat down.

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The flight takes 11 hours to get to Bangkok, so it takes a while. I would not be able to sleep, since i was sleeping for 9 hours before. Good thing the plane has a screen with movies and games and usb power, but no power outlet so i could use my laptop. I watched some movies, did some drawing, while listing on music, played some games and just 6 hours went by.

I knew being social with someone would pass alot of time, so i was looking around me for anyone that did not sleep, being busy, listen to music or too far. I did not see anyone that would be able to talk. 1 hour went by with just being bored, then suddenly 2 rows in front of me was a girl that was bored just as me and i said “Hi”, we started talking and i sat down there. Wow that 4 hour flight time went fast. it felt so good.

When the plane landed, i always wait until all the rushing people get out first and just get my bag then. I exiting the plane and into the terminal. That terminal was huge and amazing, looking nice and everything, maybe not appartments and funiture shops.

As i had my winter cloths on and when i exiting the terminal, i got punched in the face by a major heatwave. It 20 celsius or something in the terminal and outside was 42 celsius.

I had a booked room in a hotel 45 minutes away from the airport. I did book something close because i fellt more safe maybe near the airport and also it was not in the dense city.

Now it was time to take a taxi. I did read online that you needed to asked for a meetered taxi for not being scammed by a fixed price that was higher than normal. It took a while to find a taxi that would drive me to that area in Bangkok, since they didnt know it. Then i was lucky and found 1 taxi that knew that place plus he was using the taximeter.

Bangkok really is a huge city. While i was looking outside the the window and searching on google maps. When i got close to my hotel i had to give directions to where it was because he didnt know. I had learned (turn left and right) before hand in Thai, so it was abit easier, since he didnt know english at all exept for “Taxi and where do you go?”

Then i found my hotel. It was really colorful hotel, so i thought to myself it must be a party thing, but it was not luckily. As it cost 900 baht a day it was ok, the reception was really friendly, maybe i was able to get better place for that price, but i was happy enough. i checked in and went to my room to relax and fell asleep.

i woke up around 3pm, 6 hour sleep for me, since i got there in the morning. Time to explore a little bit because im hungry. Paragraph

As i took the elevator down, i did look at the posters in the elevator. That was the first time i did see Thai writing and it was amazing

I went out to find any place to eat food closeby. The place i was staying at did look like a shabby place at first sight, so i was a bit wary and scared. After a little walk i found a 7-eleven as there is those shops in Norway aswell i knew it had a good standard, so i bought some food there and went back to my hotel.

As being alone it took me a while to expend my bubble from my hotel. I knew i had long time to adapt myself to this new place, so i was in no rush to explore on the first few days.

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Night time view

The hotel had a huge swimming pool, bar and a gym on the top floor with amazing view, so i had a good swim until they closed.

Its not a super adventurous first day but it was a good learning curve to be able explore while feeling and being safe.

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