Growing Up In Norway

Im Norweagian and yes we are viking-ish, but more like farmers rather than mighty warriors with a hammer with lighting. I had a not so good family, but cant choose them right? kinda here in Norway.

So the goverment here want kids to have a perfect life growing up, so the goverment can take away kids from a bad famliy and place them in a better one, but is that so good to have the right to do so.

Me living in a bad family made some problems with a anxiety and fear, i think it happends with many of us. but here noone did help me when i grew up even though they was able to, would my life be better, probaly.

Growing up in Norway in general is pretty good, with free, kinda high standard schools. Before high school i only had 1 friend which made my life a bit boring and unsocially. I got my first laptop and internet somewhere at the ago of 14 and then i found out that i can do games online.

At that point i was hooked on gaming and return i got more unsosial. I was addicted to online games for 5-6 years.

Now that im older i have adapted to that childhood and my life is moving forward and i enjoy all the small things i can do.

Now i try my best to find where i belong by going to new places, countries and cultures

Do you feel like you belong where you are?

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