How To Save Money On Flights

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So you are on a budget, like most of us.

Flying to some countries can be more expensive than others.

Saving money on where to go is the first money that goes away in your wallet. Having more money to enjoy the place you going to.

Using a mobile app called Skyscanner is one of the best options right now, but buying from there can maybe not be the cheapest, but the easiest.

While using a scanner for cheapest flight to check, then go to the airline website to check the price directly can be a money saver, but require more work.

  • The date on traveling is also a factor for getting a cheap ticket, try to use a date outside the high vacation season.
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  • The history of your searched flight is also sometimes can be a factor for increased price.
  • Choosing a country that is cheaper to get to, but is closer to your final destination and onwards
  • See if you can fly to one country and take a train or bus from there.

As always, hitching a ride is mostly free or even on a freighter, who knows.

2 thoughts on “How To Save Money On Flights

  1. Great tips! The tip that you mentioned about flying from one country to the other and taking a bus/train to the other will save you tons. In April we flew to Malaysia and took a bus to Singapore and saved tons of money.

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